Share, Promote, Inspire & Learn. These are the four pillars that define RELATED, an initiative conceived by LowKeyMoves with the aim of providing guidance to a new generation of creatives that are navigating the CURRENT MUSIC and CREATIVE INDUSTRIES.

Created by LowKeyMoves, RELATED is a project that aims to shine light on the work behind some of the key figures in the music and creative scenes through their experiences and points of view, getting a better understanding of how the creative and music businesses work and how to navigate them at a professional and personal level.

Under the title 360: Discovering the Multidisciplinary Artist, RELATED’s first edition took place at Nike’s Box Barcelona with Dano, founder of the Ziontifik collective and multidisciplinary artist with an endless catalogue of music, design and film, and Frankie Pizá, music journalist and creative. They both dived into the numerous issues creatives come across when developing their careers in this day and age, and wrapped up the session with an open Q&A with the audience.

⏤ Key Stats

▪︎ Sold Out Event

▪︎ More than 22k views on YouTube in the first week

▪︎ 1.8k Likes vs 22 Dislikes on YouTube



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