BEATSxUS is a pioneering initiative in Spain PROVIDING YOUNG WOMEN WITH THE TOOLS AND INSPIRATION FOR THEIR DEVELOPMENT IN music production and industry through a series of workshops and studio sessions in collaboration with adidas.

There’s a statistic that says it all: only 2% of music producers are women.

BEATSxUS is a project founded by Spanish DJ and producer, AWWZ, conceived with the aim of evening out the gender balance and giving the female creative music figure the necessary visibility in a predominantly male sector. Through a series of free workshops and studio sessions aimed at young women and non-binary individuals, the goal is to inspire and provide the necessary knowledge in order to introduce young creatives to the fields of music production, DJing and other industry-related areas.


Hosted by some of the most representative figures in the current Spanish music scene, the workshops are the entry level for explaining how music production, composition and DJing works. With various talks per session, the guest artists and speakers share their creative process, personal experiences, tips and tricks, while answering questions and doubts that may arise from the audience.

In under a year, three workshops have taken place in Barcelona and Madrid with over a 150 attendees combined. It is truly powerful and inspiring to witness the impact these sessions have on the audience and how synergies start to flourish between the attendees over the course of time.


As a step further into music production, the goal behind the studio sessions is to provide a hands-on experience to women that have shown interest and initiative in the production side of music. A rough demo or sketch is enough to be eligible to attend as it’s important for the organisation to see that the effort has been made.

This is an opportunity for many of these young women to step into a professional recording studio for the first time, and together with the guest artist, go through the creative and technical process of building a song from scratch.

In a separate room, a DJ class is offered anyone who wants to take a break from the main studio and get hands-on the CDJs and mixer.

— For more information about the project, visit the BEATSxUS website here.


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