Desigual presented its new SS20 collection, logo and branding, in an action-packed, high-energy show that combined dance, catwalk and state-of-the-art audiovisuals.


Conceived as a show more than as a traditional catwalk, the event did not only present Desigual’s latest collections and collaborations, but it also showcased the brand’s new direction in spectacular manner.

Throughout 50 minutes, dancers blended into the runway action creating a unique and dynamic narrative to the show. The music selection and production became one of the key elements in the show as it drove the action and connected the different sections and acts.

Our job was clear: to contextualise the music for each collection coherently and provide the dancers with the best music for their choreographies.

In collaboration with choreographer and show art director Fidel Buika, we supervised the music and developed a track-list that connected with a wide audience age group, surprised, and evoked different emotions and feelings at each moment of the show. We also took care of the all music arrangements, edits and additional production required, as well as the live execution in sync with all the other departments involved in the show.


In addition to the show soundtrack, we also took care of the Music Supervision and Licensing for the online recap video content.

The goal was to capture the overall energy of the live show while keeping it dynamic for the video editors. The main track 212 by ANKA, was re-arranged by the artist specifically for this use.

The track-list includes:

▪︎ ANKA - 212
▪︎ Tony Quattro - Panama ft. Lua Preta
▪︎ Jowaa - Banku Dade
▪︎ DJ Polo - Swervin'
▪︎ PEDRO - Rapazes