Branko, Enchufada label boss and Buraka Som Sistema founding member, curated the music for a series of Suco Sessions that took place at Desigual inBeta’s brand space at Sónar 2019.

As Sónar 2019’s official sponsor, Desigual created an installation where body-painting, lighting, digital art and music came together for an immersive experience where the attendees could connect with their bodies and discover their inner creative energy.

The main activation was a series of 30 minute Suco Sessions that took place 3 times a day during the festival. Meditation, yoga and dancing converged through Jamie Beron’s guidance, helping the audience loosen up and express themselves through free and unashamed dancing.

For this activation, Desigual required to update Suco’s music selection so it fitted with the Sónar musical context. The new playlist had to respect Suco’s sonic needs and identity, as well staying relevant to the festival. Given Jamie Beron’s South African origin and the overall vibe of his sessions, the connection with Branko seemed both logical and natural.

We managed the music curation process between Branko and Suco in order to ensure a new selection that worked for Suco’s session while maintaining his identity as well as keeping it within Branko’s sonic palette. The end result was a 9 track playlist that captured all the emotional and rhythmic intensity levels Suco required to navigate through his experience.

The activation was complemented by OnionLab’s immersive visuals that covered the floor and walls of the main space with unique designs and animations for each track.

We took care of the Licensing of Branko’s track Movimiento for Desigual’s Sónar Aftermovie and social media content around the experience.

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