TRUE MUSIC FORUM IS An initiative by BOILER ROOM & BALLANTINE’S FOCUSED ON understandING the contemporary MUSIC CONTEXT and ITs future through THE KNOWLEDGE and OPINIONS from ARTISTS, INDUSTRY EXPERTS and key opinion leaders.

The True Music Forum 2019 edition came to Madrid focusing it’s attention on two main subjects: the reasons behind the global rise of non-English language music, and the reasons behind Reggaeton’s current worldwide success and how it’s led to a new and more inclusive way of understanding perreo music.

In order to achieve this, Boiler Room produced two panels and consulted us to curate and book the speakers for them. Titled Music Transcends Language and Reclaiming & Reinventing Reggaeton Now, the panels required a line-up that could discuss and analyse the subjects in depth from different points of view. Our job was to identify those local and international key figures and book them on behalf of Boiler Room.


The rise in demand and acceptance for diverse sounds has effectively blown open global scenes as English language music is losing its stronghold across all charts. Are we heading towards a tipping point to true sonic globalisation?

⏤ Speakers

▪︎ Eno Williams: Ibibio Sound Machine Lead Singer

▪︎ Felix Hall: DJ & NTS Radio Resident

▪︎ Leonora Casacu: Former Project Manager at Sony Music Spain

⏤ Host

▪︎ Núria Net: Co-Founder and former EIC at Remezcla and La Coctelera Co-Founder


The transformation and reclamation of Reggaeton, one the world’s most popular sounds, is a global and local phenomenon at once.


▪︎ Tomasa Del Real: Reggaeton Singer and Neoperreo pioneer

▪︎ Florentino: Mixpak Records affiliate Producer & DJ

▪︎ Flaca: DJ and Chica Gang Co-Founder


▪︎ Mónica Franco: Journalist