Pushing the hottest afro, hip hop and electronic sounds from around the globe, the LowKeyMoves Show will now be hosted at Radio Primavera Sound.

We’ve always been very passionate about radio and it’s power to stir culture and grow communities. We’ve always envied other countries’ radio diversity, both online and FM, pushing the boundaries beyond Top 40 hits, and believing in new creative expressions coming from the youth and the underground.

Around the same time as the foundation of LowKeyMoves in early 2017, the LA based radio dublab started broadcasting from Barcelona. As part of our mission to support local artists, collectives and DJs we love and respect, we started a show at on a monthly basis that went on for more than 15 shows. You can listen to all our shows here.

We can’t be grateful enough to the guys at for their support, but now it’s time to take our show to a new home: Radio Primavera Sound.

Being part of the new radio venture from one of most important music festivals of the world is a great opportunity to consolidate our ultimate purpose: pushing culture forward.

The LowKeyMoves Show will be hosted by Felix M. Dowell & Sebastián Soriano (aka Lowprofile) on a monthly basis where the finest sounds and vibes from around the world will be shared with the audience.

Listen to the first show here: