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Axton Ezekiela, also known as ANKA, is a 26-year-old producer, songwriter and vocalist from Auckland, New Zealand. From Hip Hop dancing to singing at his local church, Axton developed his sense of rhythm and sound through these realms of art.


The Barcelona based DJ and founding member of LowKeyMoves, is renowned for having a special sensibility when moving between vibes and genres. With a precision and class that are rare to find, his sonic palette goes from the most incisive rhythms of the latest avant-garde electronic music to Hip Hop, R&B and beyond.


ETM’s music is the result of growing up with 90’s dance music and the early Internet days. He has always committed himself to finding new ways of excitement in his productions, blending classic rave sounds with avant-garde club music and much more.


Juan Solo has been diving deep into dance music and its history for decades. From 80’s Funk to Chicago House, Hip Hop, R&B and the most advanced sounds from the UK and USA, Juan Solo’s musical knowledge and mixing technique is pure delight.