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N-Tran-C EP Release Party · ETM & Friends

ETM & Friends N-TRAN-C EP Release Party @ Garage 442

Next Thursday, November 1st, we celebrate at Garage 442 the release of ETM’s new EP, 'N-TRAN-C', alongside $kyhook, Lil Moss, Oaht and Jiale.

ETM, the Barcelona based producer behind tracks like 'Dile' by DELLAFUENTE and 'Akurusa' by Lil Moss returns to his electronic roots with 'N-TRAN-C', his fourth solo EP. This new work picks up the witness of 'Nodes' EP, published in the Russian label INTERNETGHETTO in 2016, and delves into a maximalist discourse with the usual Rave and Trance influences of his music. However, throughout the five track of the EP, the melodic progressions evoking the past, alongside with the constant exploration in the use of arpeggios and periodic patterns, helps to create a direct link between the current electronic music trends and those who reigned on the dancefloors in the late nineties and early twentieth century.


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